Ian Redman has been on the Dj circuit for over a decade now. Originally hailing from the Hardcore and Bouncy Techno scene back in the mid 90s when he was in his mid teens, but more commonly known of recent as one of the true pioneers of Scouse House. Ian was one of the original members of chart topping dance act 'Ultrabeat' who reached number 2 in the official UK Top 40 back in 2003 with international club hit 'Pretty Green Eyes'. Back in 1995, aged 13, Ian received his first set of turntables as a gift off his cousin. With it came a huge pile of unwanted Hardcore & Jungle. This is where Ian’s obsession with dance music began. Ian spent all of his time in record shops listening to tracks and practicing his mixing at home, and after years of blagging promoters got his first gig in 1997 at an under 18s in Southport alongside school friend and fellow Dj, Rob Cain. Ian eventually left school and went on to secure a job in underground record shop 'Plastic Records' which he soon became manager of. In this time he obtained a residency at the legendary Liverpool nightclub 'The Aquarium'. Shortly after, he was poached from 'Plastic Records' to work for '3 Beat' as the new Scouse House buyer. Only a select few in the music industry have become a master of a genre they represent.Ian Redman is one of those gifted few. Rising to earn his place on music the wall of fame in the Dance scene from the early years of the last decade, Ian Redman has been a household name in numerous countries ever since the Number 2 hit - Ultrabeat's "Pretty Green Eyes". From there, he continued to work alongside Mick Dis-cala and Chris Henry to become the foundation of the UK's Dance music export machine. Producing a number of follow up UK top 40 chart hits such as "Feelin' Fine" , "Better than Life" and "Elysium (I Go Crazy)". Finally, after their huge success in the charts along with unprecedented response from a world tour, they had built a stellar back catalogue of work. Enough to release their first album "Ultrabeat - The Album" which went straight to number 8 in the UK album charts. Since then, Ian has continued to keep the Dance flame alive, relentlessly touring Europe. After building such a huge following and with a torrent of successful musical endeavours under his belt, he was chosen to be one of the view ambassadors of Vestax. An honour which he feels proud to have achieved to this day.To accompany this great honour, Ian was also handed the privileged role to be a BCM resident DJ, giving him the passport to per-form in some of the most famous dance music venues across the globe. With this amount of dance music experience, Ian has enabled himself to become a master of keeping up with current trends in the music scene. A chameleon behind the decks, Ian has adapted his sets to suit every venue he performs for. From Melbourne Bounce, Clubland classics, to Bounce and commercial house anthems . Making his sets unique and genre defying. A crowd will always be kept on their toes and he never fails to entertain. Giving the masses 110% of his energy from start to finish.